Keynote speakers.

From the Netflix Prize to Conversational Recommender Systems today
Harald Steck  Senior Research Scientist at Netflix 

 Harald Steck is a research scientist at Netflix, where he has been working on recommender systems, search algorithms and related topics for over ten years. Prior to that he conducted research in machine learning at Bell Labs, Siemens, ETH Zurich and MIT, after obtaining his PhD from the Technical University of Munich.

Recommender systems and the Digital Services Act: challenges and opportunities
Georgios Paltoglou  Policy Officer at the European Commission

Georgios Paltoglou is a Data Scientist - Policy Officer at the European Commission at the unit responsible for the monitoring and enforcement of the Digital Services Act (DSA).  Before joining the Commission, he was a Senior Lecturer at the Faculty of Science and Engineering at the University of Wolverhampton, UK. He has a PhD in Computer Science, with a focus in Information Retrieval. His interests are in data analysis and machine learning, with a particular focus on recommender systems, esp. their auditing and evaluation, and their societal impacts. 

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